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PickUp DropOff (PUDO) Points

What is a PUDO point?

A PickUp DropOff (PUDO) point is a location, often a local shop or retail outlet, that offers a parcel pick up and drop off service as part of a wider network of PUDO points.

The PickUp DropOff (PUDO) service allows parcels to be picked up or dropped off at locations where a trusted member of our PUDO network receives them. A Pick Up can then be collected by a field service engineer and a Drop Off collected by a courier for return to your supplier or head office.

The advantage of using PickUp DropOff (PUDO) locations is there is no need for a field service engineer to wait for a delivery to arrive; the PUDO location will be available to receive any expected deliveries. They will also receive any drop off items and await collection of the item by your designated courier. Again, there is no need for your field service engineer to waste time waiting for a courier to turn up.

Our PickUp DropOff (PUDO) network is made up of independent newsagents and convenience stores that are generally open from 6am till late in the evening.

We have 386 PUDO’s in our network, but if we don’t already have one where you need it, then we invite you to Challenge Monika to get you one within a week. Click here to find out more.

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