Our UK network of independent shops provide PickUp DropOff PUDO
points to re-supply your Field Service Engineers
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Parcel Holders and its sister company Parcel PickUp are dedicated to improving the carbon footprint of delivery systems. This isn’t just a ‘box ticking’ exercise for us, it’s our reason for being in business. And it will help improve your business.

Using local independent shops as PickUp DropOff (PUDO) points means:

  • Your engineers can spend more productive time on site rather than on the road.
  • You can employ field personnel in new locations and exploit new markets.
  • You can drop parts off near job sites so you can send the most appropriate field engineer to a job and not just the one that happens to have the part.
  • You can save time and wasted trips by having your suppliers send direct to our Pick Up Drop Off points.
  • You can organise your stock and inventory more efficiently.

At Parcel Holders we know that some ‘environmental’ companies can be a bit woolly when it comes to business. We also know that a business’ first duty is to stay in business and that means matching and beating the competition on service and/or price. Therefore our two business mantras are to save you time and money. Couple that with our passion for the environment - saving fuel and wasted journeys - and it’s a win-win situation all round.

If you would like us to put together a report outlining where we believe Parcel Holders might help your business expand, save fuel, delivery costs, lost man hours and CO2 emissions, please click here to get in touch.

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