Our UK network of independent shops provide PickUp DropOff PUDO
points to re-supply your Field Service Engineers
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As suppliers to service companies and field service engineers, you can utilise our PUDO network to supply parts to your existing customers. We already work with a number of field service companies to help reduce lost man hours due to travelling and parts collections, ensuring they can maximise their workforce and provide a faster response to their customers.

Our service is easy to use, cost effective and doesn't require you to change anything about your existing processes. All you need to do is use our addressing system, including the unique code, and ship the parts to the PUDO designated by the service company. They can select to have the part sent to a PUDO close to the job location or close to the field service engineer. Either way, it provides huge savings in time and fuel costs.

We plan to enhance the services we offer to suppliers to make it easy to interact with your customers registered with Parcel Holders to enable as many service companies as possible to benefit from our service.

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